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budler experience in multiple format


Discover the ultimate
Ganja experience
in Thailand

Discover the vibrant green scene

of Bangkok with our exclusive

Bud-Hopping E-tour visiting the
most popular dispensaries in town.

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Check Out Our Newest E-Tour

Green On All Levels

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Go on a Bud Hopping Trip With Us

Purchase the virtual Bud Hopping E-tour, and

we will get you the experience you cannot find else where. 

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Exclusive Experience

Access to Top Dispensaries with Exclusive deals

Budtender Selected Package that fits your need

• Enjoy the life-changing experience in Bangkok!

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Tailored Goods

 5 Selected Dispensaries You Must Visit

5 pre selected ganja-experience Included

• Exclusive perks at dispen saries upon redeem

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Local and Legit

• Support local Ganja-preneur and local businesses

• No more hard-time finding trustworthy dispensaries

Rest assured with finest and safest licensed dispensaries

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budler mascot smoking

Get your Budler Experience 
today and let the good time rolls

Our Partners

What does everyone say about Budler?

Here are some HIGH-level participants reviews 

"I had a blast with Budler! Met some lovely people and the highlight had to be 420 on the river with a cold beer. 10/10 would join again!"

- Junior, The US

"The dispensaries were really top class! I tried Jack Herrer for the first time and had a pleasant experience. A unique must-try for anyone visiting!

- Charm, Hong Kong

"The tour was great, it was different from what I thought it would be in a good way. Dope ganja, good people, amazing locations - what more can I say!"

- Pedro, Singapore

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