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 Ganja at your service.

Curating Exceptional & Localized Ganja Experiences  Across the Land Of Smiles     

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About Budler

In Ganja We Seek

Budler is a platform where travelers unite in a community of joy de voir to celebrate Thailand's unique attractions and burgeoning cannabis culture. 


Our goal is to create safe and fun experiences by providing tours and activites that make it easy to connect with experiences enveloped in the true essence of Thainess.


From cannabis culinary adventures to bespoke sightseeing and relaxation - Budler makes your stay in Thailand that much more fun and fulfilling.

Budler endeavors to provide enriching experiences to all for the benefit of local green communities and businesses!

ganja at your service

Budler Tours

Sky High With Budler

At Budler, we offer immersive tours designed to streamline and enhance your Thai cannabis experience. 
Budler tours are educational, fun, exciting, and unforgettable. Discover hand-selected dispensaries, top travel and culinary destinations, as well as exclusive promotions that are as memorable as they are rewarding. 
What’s more? Traveling with Budler allows you to explore the true diversity of Thai delicacies. Put on your ‘green sweater’ and sample coffee, dumplings, noodles, ice cream, fruit and more! 
We invite you to fall in love and experience Thailand’s charming cityscape and cannabis culture as part of our Budler family.
Please DM us on Instagram or send an email to for inquiry. 

Begin your Budler adventure today!

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Support Local Tourism

With a private tour experience that merges food, culture, and cannabis - all Budler activities help to support local Thai businesses.  

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8 Hours 
of Magic

Get sky high with Budler and Enjoy an exclusive 8 hours tour that takes you to visit Bangkok’s top dispensaries and world-famous cultural attractions.

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Travel with Budler Buddies

Meet our Budler Buddy, knowledgeable English speaking attendants that will help you discover gems you may never find independently.

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& Connect

Travel in comfort, meet like-minded Buddies, create unforgettable experiences and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Budler Tour

Guided Cannabis Tour  

Tour Highlights

• Hand-selected dispensaries in Old Bangkok

• Emerald Buddha Temple and The Grand Palace

• Chaophraya River boat tour (Wat Arun)

• Chinatown

• Khao San Road

Spend a day wrapped up in the charm of Old Bangkok through green-tinted lenses. Visit award-winning dispensaries and take in the majesty of the Chao Phraya River and surrounding cultural heritage sites.

Whether you’re a daily smoker or looking to try your first puff, Budler’s Old Bangkok Tour combines Thailand’s abundance of art, culture, and recreation for an idyllic day out. 

The Product

Bud Hopping Experience

Start exploring the city's bustling streets while having  our Budler Bud Hopping Experience. In different packages we introduce you to some of the most popular and famous dispensaries in town. This package will bring you on an unforgettable experience during your stay in Thailand through a hassle free cannabis journey.

Check out more for our newly established package

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Budler Team

Build With Passion

Our dedicated team consists of creatives, educators,

and cannabis connoisseurs.


Although each member brings a unique perspective and value to Budler, we share a love for the herb and are passionate about inspiring a positive social mindset toward cannabis in the Land of Smiles.

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Great partners, Great services for you

We partner with leading dispensaries and canna-businesses to offer unique & engaging experiences for the Budler community.

Calling all Ganjaprenuers in celebration of Thai cannabis culture.


Together, Yes We CAN-nabis!

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